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Water Well TestingWhen it comes to your home’s well water make sure it is safe for you and your family to drink. You can do this by contacting the professionals at AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc. At AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc., we offer testing services specifically intended to help homeowners make sure their well system is working properly, as well as to determine the quality of their drinking water. Your well water system cannot be properly checked by simply looking at it or running a little bit of water. We pride ourselves in being expert diagnosticians and seeing clean and healthy water in your home. Schedule your Water Well Testing Charlotte Charlotte Today!

At AHI Residential and Commercial Inspections, Inc. we will have the water sample analyzed by a state certified laboratory. Our test parameters and fees include the following:

Radon (Performed only with home inspection)
Fecal coli-form (Performed only with home inspection)
FHA Water Test for coli-form bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, and lead: (Performed only with home inspection)

The FHA test covers: e-coli, total coli-form, nitrates, nitrites, total nitrates-nitrites, Ph, iron, lead, and turbidity. These are all tests that we recommend having done to ensure the safety of your well water. Additional tests and/or expediting tests costs more. Allow a week for results to come back. Schedule your Water Well Testing Charlotte Charlotte Today!

Dave was great. While I was not able to be present during the inspection, Dave was communicative about the process and the final report was very thorough. He was also responsive after the inspection with follow-up questions. I highly recommend you use AHI for your home inspection. – Review of AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc By Michael Papciak

Our Services:

Buyer Inspection
Pre-Lisitng (Seller) Inspection
Commercial Inspection
Mold Testing
Radon Testing
Thermal Imaging Inspection
New Construction Inspection
11-Month Builder Warranty Inspection
Well Water Testing
Foreclosure As/Is Inspection

Other Services

Irrigation Testing (available with Home Inspection)

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