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ForeclosureAs-Is Inspection CharlotteWhy hire a professional home inspector when the home is listed “As Is” and the bank is “not going to fix anything”? In truth, the bank likely doesn’t know anything about the condition of the property.

They would rather assume there’s nothing wrong, and then let you, the home buyer, deal with any repairs after you’ve bought the property.

Generally, banks and lenders change their minds and pay for repairs or reduce their selling price after a professional home inspection has revealed certain defects. There is certainly no guarantee that a home inspection will do this for you. But after a home inspection, you will know more about what you are buying. At the same time, it will allow you to make decisions with confidence.

What if the home needs a new roof, or a new heating system?
What if there is unsafe electrical wiring?
 And what if the water pipes are old and corroded?

Inspecting a Foreclosed Home

To be honest the inspection challenges of a foreclosed home are greater. In fact, some people leave their home in very serious disrepair. For instance, we have seen houses where they yanked out the plumbing supply lines and let active leaks destroy the home. It’s indeed shocking to know how much damage a resentful homeowner can do to a foreclosed home!

Many possible conditions could drastically affect the desirability and value of a property especially if it is in foreclosure. Vandalism is surely commonplace in vacant homes. Distressed homeowners facing foreclosure aren’t motivated to perform regular maintenance. In some cases, they become bitter and actually take fixtures and appliances with them when they leave.

We have inspected hundreds of foreclosed homes. It is not uncommon to discover missing light fixtures and ceiling fans, missing plumbing fixtures, missing kitchen appliances, missing and damaged heating and air conditioning systems, cut wires, and clogged piping. The potential for costly defects could actually be greater with a home that is in foreclosure.

Buyers, frankly, would be foolish to bypass a home inspection on a foreclosed home they’re interested in. The homes can sit empty for several months, leading to problems ranging from major roof leaks, mold & malfunctioning water heaters, the list goes on and on.

The problem is compounded because the previous homeowners are not available to provide the disclosure statements that would be required if the property was not in foreclosure. Without a professional home inspection buyers of homes in foreclosure could surely be in for big surprises.

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