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Meet the Team - David JohnsonDavid started working in the construction industry in the ’90s while attending college at Appalachian State University. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology with a Concentration in Residential Construction. In 2005 David decided to go into the home inspection business to apply his knowledge to help the general public in regards to purchasing the largest investment most people will ever make in their lifetime. In 2005, David started working as an Associate Home Inspector under Robert Boucek, a licensed architect and one of the first licensed home inspectors in North Carolina. Since then, David Johnson has personally inspected over 4000 home inspections over the years. David Johnson is now a managing partner to AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc.

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“AHI did a great job. I purchased new construction and had him come out and do the pre-drywall and the final inspection. Both inspections were very thorough and found things I may not have seen and in the case of the pre-drywall inspection, probably would not have even known to look for. The reports provided were detailed and easy to read and understand. In addition, the website has a great tool for creating a request list based on the report. Both provided the builder with all the information they needed to correct the problems quickly and could prevent costly and aggravating warranty claims.” – Review of AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc By Bryan Zimmerman

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Among the many reasons you’d want to buy a home in Charlotte, AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc. will help you make your most informed decision in settling in and making sure your living experience will be an incredibly pleasant and memorable one. 

We have seen many inexperienced and unreliable home inspectors leaving homebuyers and sellers a  big deal of regret. Our professionals at AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc. have been dedicated to helping homeowners, home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents and the like acquire vital information about any issues and positive features of all aspects of the property they’re looking at. If you want to make the right move in one of the best places to live in the country, AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, Inc. is your right choice to make it happen.

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