Certified Move in Ready CharlotteCertified Move-In Ready doesn’t imply the home is flawless. It indicates that the home has been thoroughly inspected, and no major unexpected issues exist.

A written report has been prepared and includes documentation of areas of concern.  Clear and concise comments with digital photos are provided for areas of concern. The inspector may offer a Cost Repair Summary for a small, additional fee that will help the seller to understand the cost of repairs associated with the inspection findings, which can save money!

If any areas of concern were corrected, a follow-up photo might also be in the report to reflect appropriate improvements, or the owner may have repair receipts from local merchants. Areas not repaired may also contain repair estimates.

A Certified Move-In Ready home means that it has undergone a thorough home inspection, including structural, roof and attic, plumbing, electrical, systems and components, mechanical,  interior, exterior, and more.

It benefits sellers by fostering trust, helping with accurate pricing, expediting the sales process, providing negotiation advantages, reducing the risk of surprise costs, boosting buyer confidence, and ensuring legal compliance. It’s an investment that can lead to a smoother and more successful home sale.

Please contact the listing agent for further information on their respective properties.

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